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About Us

It all began in 2010 when I first started hand sewing and embroidering little felt hair clips for my then 3 year-old daughter, Sophie. As a former Art Director and Product Designer turned stay-at-home mom, I immediately caught the entrepreneurial bug. Little girl’s dresses soon followed and a business was born. Feminine and classic with a touch of Bohemian flair and an emphasis on floral patterns and colorful fabrics reminiscent of my personal style is what Girl August is all about. I chose the name Girl August for its meaning.

au·gust – adjective, respected and impressive. Synonyms, distinguished, illustrious, prestigious, renowned, celebrated, honored, acclaimed, esteemed, exalted, great, noble, impressive, awe-inspiring, stately, grand, dignified.

It is my sincere hope that little girls will wear my clothing and know that they are treasured, acclaimed, loved, brave, and perfect just the way they are.

Much love,

Monica Givens

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